Season extended -first Gibraltar

8/11: Gibraltar GBZ  – 102 evertine,  84 newtime, 78 2014                            DSC03906             DSC03908             DSC03909                         temporary                                                   BY old                        AND             DSC03904 DSC03905   DSC03898 DSC04008

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  1. Ángel says:

    Hello. First I must say I´m delighted with this site. I collect oval stickers only, but I like watching plate sites and spotting plates from time to time. I just wanted to tell you that the BY plate – with red numerals and KI – is NOT a temporary, but a normal plate from the 1992-2000 period. The first letter K stands for some Belarusian region (one of seven). Plates of that format, but with 3 letters, began to be issued in 2000, till 2004 when today´s format begun. Thanks and greetings

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