В українське село прибув монгольський автобус

The school holidays have started in CZ. In addition, Tuesday and Wednesday-holiday. It’s been a weird week. In any case, the Czechs and especially their children disappeared completely. For a Czech or Croatian or Canarian country. And public space and public transport were flooded by our new heroes – UA. But to an extreme degree. Scary. I have been dealing with the idea of emigrating for a long time. Unlike J.C. I chose Austria. And to these burdensome thoughts. Mongolia MNG, second 2022, third overall

My man from Pařížská Street is behind it. I only dare to go to the center by bike and in the dark. Unfortunately, now there is no escape even on the outskirts of the city. Not even in the last bus, in which no tourist has ever ridden. 200,000 visa applications were pending before the war. As if by flicking a magic wand – everything is different. A welcome with all possible honors and prebends. So somewhere on the farthest edge of town I got a message. The finale was already very calm. The yellow bus shone down the long street for hundreds of meters.

TdF makes me really happy. I forget reality for a moment. Here’s the moto from Puttgarden. One competitor broke away from the peloton. All accompanying vehicles stay behind the peloton. The blue motorcycle lets him pass and hangs behind him with a spare wheel. The next photo shows that the fugitive is losing and the peloton catches up with him. The motorcycle is instructed to return to the front. No one will enjoy a tour better than a mechanic on this bike. From the wonderful Dunkerque-Calais stage. This is also one of the absolutely magical areas for me.

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